Finally a visit to my cabin – part 1

Last weekend I was well enough after my operation, to visit my cabin, where we stayed for a long weekend.

Emma has a new box of tools and wanted to build a nestbox, so I found her some off-cuts of wood to use.

emma building nestbox (Medium)

She was very pleased with the end result!

emma nestbox-1

The birds were also pleased with it, because within 24 hours a pair of Pied Flycatchers had moved in.

emma nestbox-2 (Large)

We have several pairs in boxes around the cabin now.

pied flycatcher nestbox (Large)

In a box just outside the kitchen window we are fortunate enough to have a pair of Siberian Tit nesting.

siberian tit

House Martins spent the day gathering mud to build their own nests

house martin-1More soon….



One thought on “Finally a visit to my cabin – part 1

  1. Brilliant, well done Emma!
    I am all for giving girls tools and boys sewing sets!

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