Back home from the cabin

We have lived at the cabin for the past three weeks and arrived back home today.  Unfortunately the mobile phone coverage is so bad there, that I could not blog as much as I had planned.

I have put up many new nest boxes over the past few years and the bird population is increasing.  I managed to get a couple of pictures of the Siberian Tits nesting close to the cabin.

siberian tit-2 siberian tit-1

We have 5 pairs of Pied Flycatcher that have all reared young

pied flycatcher (Large)

Birds not using nest boxes, but that also successfully fledged young included a pair of Wood Sandpipers, a pair of Common Sandpipers and a pair of Spotted Redshank

spotted redshank

Two pairs of Brambling reared young and a pair of Three-toed Woodpecker have a nest site close buy but I haven’t located it.  Fortunately they come to feed on a log pile that I have  put out for wildlife

three-toed woodpecker

as did a Black Woodpecker, but unfortunately I did not manage to get a photo of it.  The log pile has been so productive, that I put my wildlife camera there for a few days and I will put up some of the pictures it took next time.


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