Solberget; Food and fire

The last day for our guests  was a day of  “food and fire”.

We began with my demonstration of different methods to make fire, and the different types of materials one can use to achieve fire.  I was really pleased because everyone achieved fire with the bow-drill.

solberget firemaking (Small)

After fire-making, we created a large fire and placed stones into the fire to heat them.  We dug a pit in the ground  and then when the stones were hot, we transferred them

cooking stones (Small)

into the fire pit.

stones in fire pit (Small)

We prepared food to put into the fire pit.

preparing food for fire pit-1 (Medium)

which included Salmon which we wrapped in wet birch bark.

salmon in birch bark (Small)

The packets of food were then placed in the pit with more hot stones.

food in fire pit (Medium)

and left to cook for a couple of hours.  Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures once the meal was cooked!!

The same day we had a number of House Martins leaving their nests and I managed to get one nice picture.

young house martin (Large)


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