A night at the cabin

I had planned to travel to the cabin early on Saturday morning, but we had a significant fall of snow here in Nattavaara on Friday I so I had to change the tyres on the cars, from summer to winter tyres.

I arrived at the cabin in the middle of the afternoon, with the temperature already below freezing, but surprisingly there had been very little snow fall there.  I made fire in the cabin to get it warm inside,

fire in cabin

and then gathered some pieces of scrap wood and made a bird table.

bird table (Medium)

It only took about a half-hour before the birds started to come and feed.

siberian jay feeding (Medium)

By the early evening the cabin was warn inside and cosy with light from both the oil lamps and the open fire.

evening in cabin (Medium)

I slept well and next morning I got up early and drove home.  Will this be my last visit to the cabin this year….we shall see.



One thought on “A night at the cabin

  1. Love that pic of the cabin lit up with the oil lamps. I have happy memories of that place :0)

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