Parachute garage

I needed to build a shleter for my car over winter.  I cut some Pine saplings and tied for of them together.

parachute garage

Then I tied four more saplings horizontally to the four uprights to form a frame.

parachute garage-4 (Large)

I then draped a parachute over the hole frame-work as a cover.

parachute garage-1 (Large)

To drive the car in, I lift up the front edge of the parachute and pull it back down once the car is inside.

parachute garage-2 (Large)

As long as I clean the snow off daily it should last the winter.

Made some items.

I have been busy making items for Solberget Vildmarksbyn.

Some Birch bark containers, a kåsa and a large knife.

birch bark containers

The knife handle is made from Birch bur, Moose horn and sheath leather.

knife (Medium)

and the cup is also made from Birch bur.  A local reindeer herder gave me 10 out of 10 for the quality of this Kåsa which pleased me greatly!!


Unwelcomed visitors

Last Thursday (30th October) I drove to the cabin to drop off the trailer.  When I got out of my car I noticed part of the door frame laying on the  veranda floor.

broken door-1

On closer inspection I saw that my cabin had been broken in to!!

They had gone through all the draws


and containers


They found the keys to all the doors, but destroyed all the doors and locks anyway.

broken door-4

There were 5 other cabins that were also broken in to, including Teres’ parent cabin where they also broke 2 windows.

They took a variety of tools and cans of petrol and diesel + my neighbours grandson’s snowmobile!

We spent the weekend at the cabin, but instead of a relaxing, fun weekend; I spent the weekend cleaning and repairing doors.

door repaired door repaired-2

On Saturday it snowed heavily, but we got out ok with the cars on Sunday.

snowfall lapland


A reindeer stuck in a tree!!

A German woman telephoned me today from Wildnisdorf Solberget. She could not speak Swedish and her English was not so good, but I understood her to say “there has been an accident and a reindeer is stuck in a tree!”

She was living there alone so I agreed to come straight away and help her. These pictures show what I found when I got there.

20141104_103055 (Medium) 20141104_103108 (Medium)

The reindeer had been laying there all night.

With help from a local reindeer herder, we felled one of the birches and then lifted the reindeer up and released its leg. Once it had got the feeling back in its leg, we were pleased to see that it started to walk around and soon after started feeding.