Air dried minced beef sausage

Last year a friend of mine gave me a dried minced beef sausage that he had made, to carry and eat when out in the forest.  He described how to make it and so I have given it a try.

You need; 2kg minced beef or other minced meat, 1 deciliter salt, two table spoons of sugar, herds and spices to flavour and  3,5cm tubular gauze bandage.

tube bandage

Mix the minced beef, salt and sugar together (these are help preserve the meat) then add herbs and spices to flavour (I have made some with Garlic taste and some with chilli & ginger).

Cut a 30cm long piece of gauze and tie one end.  Spoon the mixture into the gauze until it is full and then tie the other end.  Mark the sausage so that you know which flavour it is.

mince beef sausage

I made an insect proof box to hang the sausages in and they should be left to air-dry here where we live for two weeks.  Mine will be ready just in time for Easter!

drying mince beef sausage

Spring is here

We have had clear blue skies for several days now and the temperature during the middle of the day is getting a few degrees above freezing.

We have a pair of Great Tits building a nest in one of the nest boxes in our garden.

Today in Koskuskulle village there were several small flocks of Snow Buntings flying around

snow bunting-1 (Large)

and this evening there is a Tengmalm’s Owl singing here in Nattavaara.

tengmalms owl-2 (Small)

An eventful visit to England!

Well during my three week visit to England I had planned to do many things and visit many people.  However, the day after we arrived in England both myself and Kelly developed the flu, three days after that I found my mum collapsed in the bedroom and she was taken into hospital, then my dad caught the bug and both him and me developed chest infections and I fractured my ribs AGAIN through coughing! Dad is still not well and mum is currently in a care home, but I had to leave yesterday to return to Sweden.


That’s why there has been nothing written here for almost a month.