An eventful visit to England!

Well during my three week visit to England I had planned to do many things and visit many people.  However, the day after we arrived in England both myself and Kelly developed the flu, three days after that I found my mum collapsed in the bedroom and she was taken into hospital, then my dad caught the bug and both him and me developed chest infections and I fractured my ribs AGAIN through coughing! Dad is still not well and mum is currently in a care home, but I had to leave yesterday to return to Sweden.


That’s why there has been nothing written here for almost a month.


8 thoughts on “An eventful visit to England!

  1. Oh my goodness! It never rains but it pours……i hope by now you are all getting better and your ribs are on the mend. Positive thoughts to you all from us here in France.

  2. My mother always said bad things happen in threes, after your string of bad luck you should have many years of trouble free sailing ahead of you. Best wishes, prayers to your and your family.

  3. So sorry to hear that you and your family have been ill…Best wishes for a speedy recovery for your entire family….Rosemary in Oregon

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