Easter at the cabin Part 1

Actually managed to get to the cabin over Easter for four days.

snow mobile

The first job when we arrived was for me to hastily erect a fence around the veranda so that Kelly did not fall off.

20150406_111302 (845 x 475)

When we were going to eat lunch, we realised that we had forgotten to take Kelly’s child stool with us, so I had to quickly construct one using off-cuts of wood and a broom handle.

kelly stool-1 kelly stool-2 kelly stool-3

We did not have enough space to take a push-chair with us, so Kelly travelled around in a pulka

kelly in pulkan-2

and slept in it during the day

kelly in pulkan


4 thoughts on “Easter at the cabin Part 1

  1. The “fence” around the veranda looks good… The height is different but interesting, and the choice of the planks has just the right amount of “scale” to the cabin… I’m not an architect, but things like that surely make a more pleasant front view of the cabin. Did you plan it like that?

    The clamp holding the arm on the stool is classic!!!

    • Hi Charlie, 2×4 was the only materials I had to use. Will probably change it over the summer

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