A new house and a new camera

We have now purchased a new house, 2kms outside of Nattavaara.  We will be moving there in the autumn and I will write more later in the year.

house in laplandI have also purchased a second-hand camera; Panasonic Lumix FZ-38 which is a hybrid super zoom camera.

So far I am pleased with the results….

red squirrel-1 (888 x 684) siskin-4 (866 x 652) whooper swan (873 x 645)Some of the pictures in my previous post are also taken with this camera.

The only problem is that there is no remote shutter release for this particular model, so I have made one myself using a shelf bracket, a spanner for draining radiators and an air release cable that I have had laying in a box for many years.

fz38 remote-1When you compress the air bulb connected to a 5m cable

fz38 remote-4the air forces a metal rod out of the other end.  In the first picture the bulb is not compressed

fz38 remote-2In this second picture the bulb is compressed and the rod pushes down on the shutter release button to take a picture

fz38 remote-3The remote works very well!


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