Preparing for winter

Over the past few weeks both at home at at work in Solberget Vildmarksbyn, I have been preparing wood for the winter.

Birch that is already cut and split

wood pile

must be taken under cover and stacked both for ease of storage and to help it dry.

wood stacked

Of course at Solberget the reindeer are always close by to see that the job is done properly.


The out-building is going up

Last weekend I started constructing the new outbuilding.

On Friday evening my neighbour helped to fill in the base with sand as a temporary floor.

base completedand on Saturday Teres’ father came to help me construct the walls out of 4″ x 2″ and lift them into place.

Wall 1.

side 1 up

Wall 2.

sides up

Back wall.

side 2 up

Front wall.

walls up

On Sunday I worked alone and fixed the roof rafters in place and screwed on the roofing laths to which the corrugated roof is fixed.

rafters on

I managed to get half of the corrugated sheets on before it began to rain, but did not take a picture.  I am hoping to have time tomorrow to return and complete the roof and take a picture.

The planks to go on the outside of the out-building are being sawn here in the village, but they will have to dry for some weeks before they can be put up.

A long weekend ruined by such unusual summer weather!!

Myself and my friend Tommy had planned a long weekend fishing trip to the mountains last weekend from Thursday evening to Sunday evening.  The weather forecast in the mountains was strong winds and heavy and so Tommy decided we would instead stay at his cabin in Killingi where we could fish the river Kaitum.

It has been usually cold and wet this summer and there is much more water in the rivers and marshes than there would normally be.  The level in the river we planned to fish was one and a half metres higher than usual.  Here is a picture from August 2011 when myself and Teres were at Tommy’s cabin

killingi 2011and here is a picture I took last weekend

killingi 2015There is nowhere to stand and fish along the edge of the river now as the river water extends into the forest, so we had to fish from Tommy’s boat.

tommy in boatOn Thursday evening and Friday morning the weather was fine and we were able to fish.

sunset killingiOn Thursday evening I caught a Pike and a 2kg Sea trout, but unfortunately the Sea trout managed to get off the hook once we had it near to the boat!

Here is a picture I took at midnight in Killingi and as you can see it doesn’t get dark even now.

midnight in KillingiOn Friday morning we travelled 5kms upstream to fish. We had caught nothing at lunch time, but fortunately I took a large rump steak with me to grill over the fire.

tommy by fireI made a set of tongs from a forked Birch to turn the steak and it was cooked to perfection!


After lunch I caught nothing, but Tommy caught a 2kg White Fish (Sik in Swedish).

tommy with sikwhich we smoked when we returned to the cabin.

Later on Friday it began to rain with a strong wind and this continued Saturday and was forecast to continue on Sunday, so we decided to cut our fishing trip short and head home early.