The out-building is going up

Last weekend I started constructing the new outbuilding.

On Friday evening my neighbour helped to fill in the base with sand as a temporary floor.

base completedand on Saturday Teres’ father came to help me construct the walls out of 4″ x 2″ and lift them into place.

Wall 1.

side 1 up

Wall 2.

sides up

Back wall.

side 2 up

Front wall.

walls up

On Sunday I worked alone and fixed the roof rafters in place and screwed on the roofing laths to which the corrugated roof is fixed.

rafters on

I managed to get half of the corrugated sheets on before it began to rain, but did not take a picture.  I am hoping to have time tomorrow to return and complete the roof and take a picture.

The planks to go on the outside of the out-building are being sawn here in the village, but they will have to dry for some weeks before they can be put up.


3 thoughts on “The out-building is going up

  1. Amazed at how quickly this building is going up, well done! Such a pity you cannot move into the new house before December and the snow. Good luck with the rest of the build.

  2. Cool are you having dun with it? My Dad, brother and myself poured a concrete slab and framed up my two story house in less then two and a half weeks. I am always amazed at how quickly a stick frame building goes up. It is all the other work that seems to take forever.

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