The roof is on.


I have managed to get the roof of the out – building completed this evening.


4 thoughts on “The roof is on.

  1. Looks like it is coming along. A few things you might want to do though with your framing.
    One is add jack or trimmer stud in your rough opening for your doorway. These go on the inside of the opening supporting the header. Without the trimmers your header has no strength and the load of the roof is pushing directly on the nails.
    Second, which you cant remedy now, is you should have added a second top plate so that you had a double top plate. Again this it so strengthen the wall and distribute the load of the roof and snow.

    Third, it looks like you have used multiple pieces for your rafters. If this is the case i would highly recommend adding a second rafter to each one with the cuts offset to either end.

    I offer those a suggestions not to try to put down your project but to help you build it so that it stays up for years to come. I am a third generation carpenter so i grew up with this stuff and still do it every day. Hope some of that helps.

    Its looking good. Keep at it.

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