Fishing at the cabin

While in Killinge  a few weeks ago I tried fly-fishing for the first time and although I caught nothing, I really enjoyed it.  Not having much money at the moment I searched for a good deal on the internet and found this;  and order the kit.

flextec fly fishing kitI had read some reviews and all stated that Flextec is good quality equipment for the price and I would have to say that I agree.

I spent a lot of time fishing at the cabin last weekend in my inflatable canoe, both with Emma and alone

emma in canoe

I tested the fly-fishing kit and although I did not get any bites, I found it easy to get nice long casts with the rod.  The only problem was that the flies sank all the time, so I need to buy something to help keep them afloat.

I did catch 11 Perch  with a spinner and 1 Grayling

grayling laplandand Emma caught a Perch using a worm as bait.


I’m looking forward to next summer when I can really test my new fly-fishing rod!

On Saturday evening we were treated to a fine display of Northern Lights.  Unfortunately this picture does not do them justice, but you can just see a green haze over the trees.




6 thoughts on “Fishing at the cabin

  1. Grayling are quite interesting fish. I have caught a few in the Yellowstone park area but have not been to the far north country for any. Emma has grown a lot.

  2. I recommend using gink floatant on the flies. If you can get it from a tackle store in Sweden its great stuff and it lasts a while. If you put floatant on the line it will make a wake on the surface which can out fish off. You can put mud/clay on your thumb and pull the fluorocarbon through your thumb and forefinger coating the fluorocarbon with the mud. This helps it cut through the surface film and prevents the drag. Also not all fly fishing flies are designed to float. I’m not sure how much you know and don’t wish to patronise, hope some of that was of help.

    • Many thanks for all your advice. Turns out I was using wet flies, but I now know how to tell the difference between wet and dry flies.

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