It’s soon time to move house

I am now back in Sweden and was greeted on my arrival back home by yet another power-cut which this time lasted 44 hours.  Apparently Vattenfall (the company responsible for supplying power here in Sweden) have said that it was wet snow which fell and coated the power-lines that caused the problem.  strange that snow falls here every year and we have not had sooooooo much problem with power-cuts previously.

Vattenfall said on the radio that customers could go to their internet site for updates on the power-cut…….how are we supposed to access the internet when we have no electricity!!!!!!

The village shop here in Nattavaara is owned and run by the village.  We approached Vattenfall to provide a large generator to run all the fridges and freezers so that food and goods in the shop would not be damaged, but they refused to do this and so twice now we have had to throw away most of the food we sell in the shop, which we just cannot afford to do!  The poor customer service at Vattenfall could mean that the shop has to close down (especially if we have more power-cuts)!

We now have about 20cm snow coating the ground and yesterday it -25 degrees C.

Next Tuesday we move to our new house

house in lapland

and before Christmas (when the family arrive) I have to have insulated and converted the upstairs to bedrooms and a play room; but more about that soon.

I am also planning to install a battery back-up system so that when the power-cuts come, we have lighting in the house via batteries.  I will also install a wood burning stove to provide heat.  Heating in the house comes from burning wood pellets, but the water pump and the motor that feeds in pellets to be burnt, requires power.

If anyone has read this book “Stalker” by Lars Kepler;



The police receive a short film-sequence of a woman in a window. Someone must have been standing in the garden just outside her house to be able to film her. The next day the woman is found dead in her home, the vicious violence at the scene shocks even the most seasoned investigators.

A few days later, another film clip is sent to the police, but there’s no way of identifying the woman before she too falls victim to a brutal attack. When he finds her, the woman’s husband is so traumatised by the violent scene that he starts cleaning the house in a state of panic. He even washes the blood off his wife’s body, and puts her to bed, as if nothing is the matter.

His acute state of shock and short-term memory loss prevents the police from questioning him. Criminal psychiatrist Erik Maria Bark is called in to hypnotise the man in order to unlock his memories of the murder scene. What Erik Maria Bark uncovers in his sessions, makes him start lying to the police.

It’s clear that the case cannot be solved without the help of Joona Linna, the man who’s been missing since more than a year and is presumed dead.

the main fictional character “Joona Linna” lives at the exact place where we are moving too!


2 thoughts on “It’s soon time to move house

  1. I live an area where some winters the snow is wet and coats the power lines and then freezes. The weight pulls the lines down and breaks power poles. While it isn’t a yearly occurrence there is nothing that the power company can do unless they would bury the hundreds of miles of power lines. We have a wood stove and a generator that has sufficient power to run our lights, refrigerator, and computer. Sometimes these outages last three or four days in our area and the generator allows us to keep our food from spoiling. It is expensive to run for that period of time but cheaper than replacing the food we might lose. Before we had the generator we would gather snow and put it inot large bowls and then into the refrigerator to help keep things cold. It actually works pretty well.

    Hope you get back your power and it stays on for the rest of the winter.

  2. If you are having a battery backup are you installing an inverter to convert it to mains electricity?.

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