Loft conversion week 3

Work has continued on the loft conversion over Christmas, but not as much has been completed as I had hoped.

loft conversion-6

All the insulation is completed now and I have been wiring in lights and sockets.

loft conversion-7

The access holes have insulated doors in place now and just need the fronts fitted to them.

loft conversion-8

Even though the sun is not appearing above the horizon just now, on the 26th there was a really nice dusk sky with mother of pearl clouds.

sunset-1 sunset-2 sunset-3

More next week!!

Loft conversion week 2

The temperature during the last few days has been at or just below freezing, making working conditions in the loft a little more pleasant.  As more of the loft is insulated, this also helps to improve the working temperature.

This is how it is looking now


loft conversion-3

I had planned to have the work completed by Christmas, but as you can see, it’s just not going to happen.

loft conversion-4

Because there are ventilation pipes and cables that run behind the new walls, I have to put in an access hole in each wall.  I will build a cupboard on each side of the room and the back of each cupboard will be the access hole.

loft conversion-5

We will see how much more is completed during the next week.

Loft conversion is under-way

With some help from Teres’s dad I have started work on the loft conversion.  Unfortunately temperatures have been down to -29 and because the loft isn’t yet insulated, I have not been able to work in the loft for long periods.

The gable end is now insulated


I have made the wall and roof joists thicker so that there will be 20cms insulation in the walls and 30cms in the apex of the ceiling.

loft conversion-2

To allow air to move freely at the back of the walls and ceiling I have created a ventilation channel using two layers of hardboard with 2″x2″ batons.

loft conversion ventilation

We will see how much more work has been done in another week.

Settling in

We are gradually getting unpacked and organised in our new house

new house inside

This is the upstairs in our house, which I am going to convert to extra rooms.

new house upstairs-2 new house upstairs-1

Here is the view from the veranda at the back of the house as the sun attempts to appear just above the horizon.

winter nattavaara

and here is a picture of the full moon that I took a couple of weeks ago and forgot to put up here.

full moon nattavaara