Gradual progress

I’m still not able to do a great deal at the moment because of my back problem, but progress is being made with work on the house.

The bedroom upstairs is now completed

loft conversion-22

Teres’ dad is building a utility room.  This is how it looked before he started.

utility room-4 utility room-3

and this is how it looks now

utility room-2 utility room-1

It just needs to be decorated now.

Emma and Kelly have built a Tengmaml’s Owl/Boreal Owl nest bow using pieces of plywood left over from the utility room build, which Ingvar has mounted on a tree.

tengmalms owl nestbox-2 tengmalms owl nestbox

this is a Tengmalm’s Owl

tengmalms owl-3 (Small)

After my mum past away a few weeks ago, my dad has decided to sell his house and move to Sweden to live with us (he’s 83 years old).

This will be his room and as you can see we have much work to do here also!!






4 thoughts on “Gradual progress

  1. Might want to edit the statement about your Dad moving in with you. Hope your back heals up soon. The rooms are coming along quite nicely and thanks for sharing this.

  2. It is good that you will have your father nearby, so your children will really get to know their Grandfather.
    We have the same owl over here on the other side of the world. Here it is called the Boreal Owl, a few years ago I made two of the nest boxes. We have had one family in each. I need to get my ladder out, so that I can clean them and put new wood shavings in them. I love to hear the males calling all night long during the mating season, as they try to lure in a girl.
    Hope your back heals soon. Did you ever catch a fish on the fishing lures I sent, I really like the boxes you sent me.


    • Hi Richard, Fishing here was so poor last year because it rained so much and water levels were so high. I have not caught any fish with your lures so far I’m afraid.

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