Tengmalm’s Owl singing

You may remember that the children made a nestbox for Tengmailm’s Owl

tengmalms owl nestbox

and I’m pleased to report that last night for the first time there was a male Tengmalm’s Owl singing from a branch above the nestbox.

tengmalms owl-1 (Small)

We are hoping that it will attract a mate now and they will breed.

It’ time to air dry mest again

I have been mixing reindeer mince, beef mince and a variety of herbs and spices this week


in preparation to make air dried sausage.


They will take three to four weeks to dry.

We have a pair of Greenfinches that have arrived this week, which is the first indication that spring is here.

The weather at the moment is cold again (-24 this morning) and so the snow has stopped melting.

The sun has reappeared

At the end of last week the sun reappeared and because it gets higher above the horizon now, the temperatures are getting warmer (+10 degrees C as I write this).


Because it is warm, the snow is falling from the roofs of houses and buildings and it can be very dangerous if you are standing in the wrong place at the wrong time.  The snow from our roof came down last night


Our electric provider is also out now with a helicopter which has a cable with weights attached under it.  This they use to remove snow from power-lines and trees to prevent power-cuts.


Last weekend was Emma’s birthday so we were pleased that the weather was sunny and we could be outside

20160312_133128 20160312_133213

I have just also received the results of my scan and I have a slipped disk at the exact same place as in 2012 https://naturallore.wordpress.com/2012/07/08/recovery-continues-slowly/.  It is most likely that I will have to have another operation to remedy the problem.

It just doesn’t stop snowing!

It’s been some time since we last saw the sun. It’s cloudy every day and most days it snows.


This is the most snow we have had during the time that I have lived here.


At least the temperature is above freezing now, so the snow is also melting.

Another couple of weeks to go and then the first birds of spring should start appearing.