Disappointing news

Last Friday I visited a specialist about my back.  The scans show that I have another slipped disk, but this time it’s at a different location which is much more difficult to access, with a high risk of serious damage to nerves.

There is no surgeon up here who is willing to do this risky operation, so they have referred my case to Stockholm, in the hope that someone there will be willing to do it.

If no one is willing to do it, then I will just be given medicine to control the pain and this will mean that I will most likely not be able to work again and it will mean an end to my days out in the forest and the wilderness.

I am unlikely to hear from Stockholm before August, so it is going to be a looooooonnnnggg summer!!

The temperature over the last few days has been between 20 and 26 degrees, all the snow has now melted.  Myself and Teres are getting married next Monday, here at our house, in the garden, but unfortunately the weather is due to change to 10 degrees and rain.

At least we have friends and family arriving from England on Thursday which is something to look forward too.


A brief visit to my cabin

The majority of snow has now melted so I was able to drive to th cabin on Monday with dad to check that everything was ok.  Because of my slipped disk, we have not been able to get there over the winter.

cabin-2 cabin-1

There were very few birds there, but there were several Wood Sandpipers dispalying.


While driving along a road, there was a Moose standing in front of us.  It moved to the side and then stood there so that I could photograph it


Yesterday we had a Common crane visit our garden

common crane-1 common crane-2

On Friday I am going to hospital to see a doctor to find out what they are going to do about my back problem.  I’m assuming (and hoping) that it will be another operation.

More spring activity

We still have a large number of Bramblings feeding in the garden.

brambling lapland

Frogs have also emerged from hibernation now and are breeding

frogs lapland

The pair of Beavers are back at the usual site that I visit.


There are also many Capercaillie along the edges of the roads now


and wading birds such as Spotted Redshank have now returned to breed

spotted redshank


A bit more to report this wek

There has been a lot happening during the last week and daytime temperatures have been up to 15 degrees C

We have 2 – 300 Bramblings feeding in the garden at the moment

brambling-2 brambling-1

On Saturday we had a male Marsh Harrier (Circus aeruginosus) here


which is very rare because their range does not extend this far north!

Yesterday we had 12 Lapland Buntings feeding in our garden.  These pictures I took through my telescope with my Samsung Galaxy telephone and the results were surprisingly good


lapland bunting-2 lapland bunting-1During last weekend the breakup began on the rivers and there was an ice jam here in Nattavaara

ice break up nattavaara-3 ice break up nattavaara-2 ice break up nattavaara-1

The jam broke up before any flooding took place.

We are back from England

We travelled back from England last week with my 83 year old dad who has moved here to live with us.



Unfortunately we all have colds and a sickness bug at the moment, but we have still been able to sit and enjoy the sunshine here in Lapland


Birds are now arriving in large numbers including Redwings, Fieldfares, Tree Pipits, Brambling