A bit more to report this wek

There has been a lot happening during the last week and daytime temperatures have been up to 15 degrees C

We have 2 – 300 Bramblings feeding in the garden at the moment

brambling-2 brambling-1

On Saturday we had a male Marsh Harrier (Circus aeruginosus) here


which is very rare because their range does not extend this far north!

Yesterday we had 12 Lapland Buntings feeding in our garden.  These pictures I took through my telescope with my Samsung Galaxy telephone and the results were surprisingly good


lapland bunting-2 lapland bunting-1During last weekend the breakup began on the rivers and there was an ice jam here in Nattavaara

ice break up nattavaara-3 ice break up nattavaara-2 ice break up nattavaara-1

The jam broke up before any flooding took place.


2 thoughts on “A bit more to report this wek

  1. You must feed your wild birds too well! I think the Marsh Harriers have deserted me this year and flown straight north to you, we normally have them back from Africa now, patterns must be changing because of the warm winter this year. We have a hoopoe here at the moment, he comes every year but never finds a mate. Hope your Dad is settling in well.

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