The mosquitoes have emerged!!

Well the mosquitoes have now emerged in force.  especially at the cabin, where we spent last weekend.  This female Pied Flycatcher did not have to travel anywhere to catch food, she just sat and waited at her nestbox for food to come to her

pied flycatcher-4 pied flycatcher pied flycatcher-3 pied flycatcher-2

This Spotted Flycatcher has built it’s next on the side of the cabin and has 4 eggs

spotted flycatcher

and House Martins

house martin-1

have taken over the White Wagtails next site

house martin nest

Kelly caught her first fish at the weekend (two actually).

with with fish

A fishing rod was too heavy for her, so she used an ice fishing rod (which you can see in the background) with a float and hook on it.  It worked very well, and I also caught two fish with it.

A pair of Commom Sandpipers have been flying around and calling a lot and I finally managed to locate one of their young hidden amongst the forest vegetation (it’s about the size of a 50 pence piece)

common sandpiper copyright

We also have Otters which have moved into the stream where I fish (this may explain why I haven’t caught any fish there.

otter skatt

Emma and Stella have been building boats out of recycled materials.

emma and stella



Yana Mangi

Last Tuesday evening I went fishing for a couple of hours.  I caught some small trout, which I decided to put back

small trout

but I also caught one trout that weighed 1 1/2 kgs and this 2kg trout

rainbow trout 2kg

The following morning a lorry came with 00kgs of new fish to go in the lake

planting rainbow trout

No one is allowed to fish in the lake now until after 1st July.

Last Saturday I was one of about 40 people who attended a concert by Yana Mangi, in Jokkmokk for the launch of her new CD “Free”.

yana mangi

Yana appeared in an episode of Ray Mears series “Bushcraft” in 2002, and both Yana and this particular programme were a big influence for me moving to Lapland.  I think her music is just fantastic!!


Many thanks

Many thanks to all of you who sent congratulations to us on our wedding.

The weather has improved and daytime temperatures are now around 16 degrees, though there was a frost last night.

I have not done a great deal since I wrote last, but I did go fishing with a neighbour for a couple of hours and caught a Rainbow trout.


rainbow trout

The mosquitoes are out very early this year.  My dad hates them so he will unfortunately have an unpleasant couple of months ahead of him.

I can’t believe it is almost mid-summer and soon the days will start to get shorter again.

The wedding went very well

We were pleased to have friends (Will and Sue) and family (Sue and Stewart) visit from England for one week.

wedding guests-1

We went to Jokkmokk to visit  They were particularly interested in Sami crafts.

museum exhibit (Medium)

We also spent a day at the cabin

outside cabin

Emma got to try out her new fishing rod and caught a Pike and a perch

emma perch

We spent the weekend preparing the house and garden for the wedding

wedding shelter

Evenings were spent around the camp fire enjoying a beer or two

around fire

The wedding day went very well.

Emma and Kelly were bridesmaids.


The priest lives in our village so did not have far to travel


Myself and Teres’ sisters made the food

wedding food

which all the guests enjoyed


Many thanks to all our friends and family for making the day special.

We are also grateful for the weather because for the past two days we have had gale force winds and no electricity and now as I write this it is snowing and only 2 degrees C!!