The wedding went very well

We were pleased to have friends (Will and Sue) and family (Sue and Stewart) visit from England for one week.

wedding guests-1

We went to Jokkmokk to visit  They were particularly interested in Sami crafts.

museum exhibit (Medium)

We also spent a day at the cabin

outside cabin

Emma got to try out her new fishing rod and caught a Pike and a perch

emma perch

We spent the weekend preparing the house and garden for the wedding

wedding shelter

Evenings were spent around the camp fire enjoying a beer or two

around fire

The wedding day went very well.

Emma and Kelly were bridesmaids.


The priest lives in our village so did not have far to travel


Myself and Teres’ sisters made the food

wedding food

which all the guests enjoyed


Many thanks to all our friends and family for making the day special.

We are also grateful for the weather because for the past two days we have had gale force winds and no electricity and now as I write this it is snowing and only 2 degrees C!!



7 thoughts on “The wedding went very well

  1. All the best to you and yours ,hope you get your back sorted so you can get back to a. Bit of normality regards
    Ralph Sixsmith MBE

  2. Congratulations! I read your blog in bulk and my comments are therefore a little late. 🙂

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