The mosquitoes have emerged!!

Well the mosquitoes have now emerged in force.  especially at the cabin, where we spent last weekend.  This female Pied Flycatcher did not have to travel anywhere to catch food, she just sat and waited at her nestbox for food to come to her

pied flycatcher-4 pied flycatcher pied flycatcher-3 pied flycatcher-2

This Spotted Flycatcher has built it’s next on the side of the cabin and has 4 eggs

spotted flycatcher

and House Martins

house martin-1

have taken over the White Wagtails next site

house martin nest

Kelly caught her first fish at the weekend (two actually).

with with fish

A fishing rod was too heavy for her, so she used an ice fishing rod (which you can see in the background) with a float and hook on it.  It worked very well, and I also caught two fish with it.

A pair of Commom Sandpipers have been flying around and calling a lot and I finally managed to locate one of their young hidden amongst the forest vegetation (it’s about the size of a 50 pence piece)

common sandpiper copyright

We also have Otters which have moved into the stream where I fish (this may explain why I haven’t caught any fish there.

otter skatt

Emma and Stella have been building boats out of recycled materials.

emma and stella




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