A weekend in the mountains 

My friend Tommy ringed and asked me to spend a weekend in the mountains with him fishing and testing his new boat and outboard motor.   

I said no because we would be sleeping in a tent a i could not sleep on the ground because of my back problems.  He called back a few days later and said he had bought a camp bed and thick mattress for me to use and so although I was a little apprehensive, I agreed to go.  Tommy’s son and ex wife were also with us. 

We packed the boat and drove to the mountains,  backed the boat trailer into the water and backed the boat off of the trailer and then we were on our way.

The water in the lake was 6 metres lower than usual and so we had to watch for rocks under the water.   After about an hour we arrived where we planned to camp.

We camped about 15 metres from the waters edge and as I cannot carry a rucksack, I only had a drying with my sleeping kit and another with some food and medication. 

The others stayed in a tipi 

but it was so hot that I slept outside

I spent a lot of time around the camp because it was uncomfortable for me to fish from the boat.

It was very hot on Saturday  (over 30 degrees) and the scenery was just beautiful 

I could not cast a fishing rod very well because of my back pain, so I stood next to a stream

and let the stream water carry my float or fly out into the lake and I caught some really nice Grayling.

Over the weekend there were over 100 fish caught. 


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