Swifts and a weekend at the cabin

Last weekend we were at the cabin.  Teres was out on the marshes picking Cloudberries

cloudberry-2 (Medium)

and Kelly was in the forest picking Blueberries, which she ate on her cheese sandwiches!!

kelly eating blueberies

One day Kelly had nothing to do, so I created a fishing game for her.

I cut a piece of Willow and attached a piece of cord to it

kelly fishing game-3

and at the other end of the cord I attached a “Birch hook”

kelly fishing game-4

Kelly stood on the veranda with her fishing rod and then I placed toys on the grass below, and she had to hook them

kelly fishing game-1

and then pull up them on to the veranda

kelly fishing game-2

This kept her entertained for much longer than I had imagined.

Today I have been to Hakkas where Professor Susanne Åkesson from Lund University was catching Swifts.

Lapalnd swift

Here nets are being set up at the nest sites to catch Swifts (Swifts here in Lapland are a little special because they nest in holes in trees)

setting net-1

The Swifts were weighed and DNA samples taken.  the two birds caught today were already ringed, but if birds are caught that are not ringed, then a ring is put on.

When young Swifts leave the nest, they can spend up tp 10 months in the air without landing!!


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