Ups and downs

I went to the hospital to see a specialist yesterday about my back.  The good news is that he does not want to operate at the moment because there is so much positive improvement with my training (the operation would have been to fuse two of my vertebrae together).  However I have a degenerative disease; inherited from one of my parents which means that the tissue between the disks breaks down and eventually I will have to have the operation.

In the picture below the healthy disks are thick and have much grey colour between them.  The last three disks (especially the middle one which causes most pain) has almost nothing between the vertebrae.

back xrayLast week my employer terminated my employment because I have been sick so much and can’ do my job in my current condition.  I think it will be a challenge to find full-time employment again up here.

Last weekend we were at the cabin.  Teres wallpapered the veranda that I built a couple of years ago



I had left my fly tying equipment at home, but found a hook, some feathers left over from Easter and some fine fishing line and inspired by an article in the latest issue of “The Bushcraft Magazine” I decided to make a Pike lure.  I had no clamp to hold the hook, so improvised using my Leatherman Wave and a little vice

leatherman fly tying vice-1I was very pleased with the end result, and in fact we caught a 40cm Pike with it, but I dropped the fish before Emma could take a photograph!

leatherman fly tying vice-2

Emma kept both herself and Kelly entertained while in the forest, by crushing up Blueberries and painting stone art with the juice.

emma stone art lapland

emma stone art gallivare

blueberry juice fish

Kelly even made me a stone cake

kelly art nattavaara

On Saturday night the temperature dropped down to -6 C, the first frost of the autumn!



8 thoughts on “Ups and downs

    • Tried that when I first moved here and it did not go too well. That’s why I had to get a job

  1. So sorry to hear about the employment. I think you could easily do your own business like Katriin said above. I think you could do an online business too and sell your flies and other handicrafts.

    We had frost here in Alaska last week too…

    Taker care, brother…

  2. I always thought there was a lot you could do, as your area is greatly undersold.
    Time to ponder, If you are limited physically, your commodities become ideas, knowledge, information and helping others achieve new adventures.
    You may have a lot more to offer than you think.

    • That’s probably right Tim, but at the moment I do not feel or see what I have to offer. Considering going back in to education to learn about website building

  3. Hi. I am writing you from Romania. I am a Canadian and Romanian citizen. I know that herniated disks and back related pains can be improved 90% of cases with ozone injections. I know an ozone certified dr. in my Romanian hometown that gives these injections for about 15€/session compared to 120canadian$/session in Vancouver, Canada, where I lived for the last 18 years. I am sure you can find a naturopath dr. closest to your home, online. Worth giving it a try, as ozone, compared to laser treatment has a different mechanism of healing the affected tissue and induce the natural healing process of the cells. BE AWARE that family physicians will do their best to convince u to stay on pills as they are partners in crime with Big Pharma industry, a few billions annual industry…and they will try to convince u that ozone does nothing for you ! If you try ozone injections, you will see not only inprovement, but eventually regain the mobility and comfort of your back as before the pain started. Read online, educate yourself and decide for yourself. Doctors’ entire education is paid by Big Pharma…isn’t this a “conflict of interests” with their prescription writings !?!? Believe in the body’s self healing power and stimulate it by providing ozone to any damaged tissue and you’ll be surprised ! Also, is worth reading about MSM and inflamation in the body, generating pain. Eliminate animal protein and refined sugar from diet, eat more sprouts and juice daily a few shots of wheatgrass and you’ll heal or at least feel WAAYY better in no time. There is a guy, dr. Ron in States(I have his contact) where you can purchase online the best Gold Standard sulphur(MSM) powder and you can disolve easily 4000 to 5000 mg MSM/day in water and drink it to stop inflamation and eliminate your back pain ! Email me for details. All the best to you and your family in Lapland.

    • Many thanks for this information. I will read more. There was a programms here on TV last wek about stemcell injections which is also giving amazing results.

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