Geothermal heating

We currently use wood pellets to heat our house and water

wood pellets naturallore

via a wood boiler


but this is costly to run (£250 worth of pellets every three weeks during the winter) and if we have a power-cut (we have had 51 power-cuts during the last 9 months) the system will not work.  Carrying in pellets everyday is also heavy work and not good for my back problem.  So we have decided to install Geothermal heating and a wood burning stove as back up during power-cuts.

The wood burning stove we have chosen is a MBS Olympus Plus 12kw and has both a small oven and a hob on the top for boiling water.


We are going to place the stove in our living room


and the flue will go through the garage roof and up the outside of the house


Geothermal heating and cooling systems take advantage of the stable temperature underground using a piping system.  Water circulates in the piping loop to exchange heat between your home, the ground source heat pump, and the earth, providing geothermal heating, cooling, and hot water at remarkably high efficiencies.  In fact, geothermal heating and cooling systems are said to be 400-600% efficient and can cut your heating, cooling, and hot water costs by up to 80%.

We will be drilling straight down in to the ground 200 metres at the back of our house


and then the pipes will go under our house


to where the new pump will be installed.  It is very costly, but everyone we know who has this system has recouped their money with 6 years.

Installation is planned at the end of October.


One thought on “Geothermal heating

  1. Looks like a great system, and I like the wood burner, so goad we bought a woodburner with a flat top to cook on. Horrible to have to think of winter, we are still in a drought and heatwave and I ordered some back up wood today to go with what we cut. Your hone is looking great you have dbe sone much since you moved in. Good job!

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