Bushcraft Sverige (Bushcraft Sweden)

Last Wednesday we had an unusual visitor to our garden; a Great Grey Shrike (It may even be a Siberian sub-species, but I am not 100%). It feeds on small birds and mammals and our bird table was empty for the rest of the day once it appeared.

great grey shrike shrike-2 shrike-3 shrike-4

On Thursday I travelled on the train down to southern Sweden to attend the first gathering of the newly formed “Bushcraft Sverige”.  The journey down took 16 hours, but due to a derailed train, the journey home took 23hrs!!  Fortunately I had booked a bed on the train, which was better for my back.

While waiting to be picked up from the station I visited an Antiques Shop in Strängnäs and found this beautiful Sami salt pot or kåsa, made from bone and cost just £10

bone-salt-kasa-2 bone-salt-kasa-1

My friend Johan Forsberg from Nordic Bushcraft provided me with a bed and sleeping equipment, so that i did not have to carry much stuff in a rucksack.


I really miss these types of events which are common in the UK, and it was nice to sleep next to a camp-fire again


Although I  arrived on Friday, the event began on Saturday at 10.  There were about 30 people present and there were different crafts and activities for people to try, such as;

net making


forging knife blades

forging knife blade knife-forging-2

plant and fungi foraging


I managed to find just enough Reed Mace to make one little Cattail Doll


There was a lot of talk and discussion around the camp-fire


and on Saturday evening there were a couple of lectures, including one by Dr Lisa Fenton from the UK, about bushcraft and its history and origins.


It was a really enjoyable event and I hope there will be more.  Hopefully next time I will be well enough to do some teaching and run workshops myself!

Many thanks to those who organised and participated.




One thought on “Bushcraft Sverige (Bushcraft Sweden)

  1. Awesome post!! Never seen a cattail doll! Looking forward to seeing what you get up to next. 🙂

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