Bushcraft Sverige (Bushcraft Sweden)

Last Wednesday we had an unusual visitor to our garden; a Great Grey Shrike (It may even be a Siberian sub-species, but I am not 100%). It feeds on small birds and mammals and our bird table was empty for the rest of the day once it appeared.

great grey shrike shrike-2 shrike-3 shrike-4

On Thursday I travelled on the train down to southern Sweden to attend the first gathering of the newly formed “Bushcraft Sverige”.  The journey down took 16 hours, but due to a derailed train, the journey home took 23hrs!!  Fortunately I had booked a bed on the train, which was better for my back.

While waiting to be picked up from the station I visited an Antiques Shop in Strängnäs and found this beautiful Sami salt pot or kåsa, made from bone and cost just £10

bone-salt-kasa-2 bone-salt-kasa-1

My friend Johan Forsberg from Nordic Bushcraft provided me with a bed and sleeping equipment, so that i did not have to carry much stuff in a rucksack.


I really miss these types of events which are common in the UK, and it was nice to sleep next to a camp-fire again


Although I  arrived on Friday, the event began on Saturday at 10.  There were about 30 people present and there were different crafts and activities for people to try, such as;

net making


forging knife blades

forging knife blade knife-forging-2

plant and fungi foraging


I managed to find just enough Reed Mace to make one little Cattail Doll


There was a lot of talk and discussion around the camp-fire


and on Saturday evening there were a couple of lectures, including one by Dr Lisa Fenton from the UK, about bushcraft and its history and origins.


It was a really enjoyable event and I hope there will be more.  Hopefully next time I will be well enough to do some teaching and run workshops myself!

Many thanks to those who organised and participated.




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