Geo-thermal heating 

The last couple of days we have been installing the geo-thermal heating pump.  It’s good to have family and neighbours to help remove the old boiler and lift in the new pump 

Now everything is connected and the system is up and running. 

This is the pump we have installed

Drilling and Northern lights

Last week a company came to drill for our geothermal heating.  They had to drill 24m down before they hit bed-rock and then they drilled 205m down into the bed-rock.


2x 230m long x 50mm diameter black plastic pipes were then fed down into the hole, and then connected into the house, where the circulation pump will be installed next week.

We have had some fantastic displays of Northern Light over the past week.

northern-light-8 northern-light-7 northern-light-6

On Thursday it was even visible before it got dark.

northern-light-3 northern-light-4

This is due to a very high KP index just now.  The kp number system is a scale of geomagnetic activity.  You can learn much more about the KP index by following this link

There was also a full moon that coincided with this


Cloudy weather is forecast for the next 10 days so it is unlikely that I will get more pictures unfortunately.

Fish Trap

I have been asked by one of my readers to provide a little more information about a fish trap which I use at the cabin.  This particular trap is called a “Mjäder” and I first used it when I visited the cabin before I even owned it

mjädar fish trap

From the top it looks like this

mjadarThe fish can swim in but they cannot find their way out again.  Some people say that you must cover it with Spruce branches so that the fish swim in to it for protection, but I have never found this necessary.


fish in trap (Small)

The frame is made from steel wire, and then the frame is covered with chicken wire.  It can be very effective at catching fish.

perch in trap (Small)

There is a small door so that you can reach in and remove the fish.

You can see here that there are many different designs.

New Job

Last Friday was the last day at my job working in the village shop as they had decided not to continue my employment due to my illness.  Twenty minutes before I was due to visit the job centre yesterday and register myself as unemployed, I was offered a three month job as Project Leader to Vuollerim 6000 Nature and Culture museum

vuollerim 6000 (Small)

which is now becoming The Arctic Circle Gateway 97.  I wrote about a visit to Vuollerim 6000 here;  If you read my blog and live on or close to the Arctic Circle in another part of the world, I would very much like to hear from you!

My job is to produce costings and proposals for new displays and information in the centre.

Last weekend we visited the cabin.

On Saturday morning we decided to go to the other side of the lake and make fire and fish.


There was a cold north-westerly wind and my dad was not a happy man because he was so cold (wait until it’s -40!)


The fish were not biting at all so we caught nothing.

A friend in the nearest village (10kms away) came with his tractor to help remove and clear stones and tree stumps from in front of the cabin, to create a parking for our vehicles


We are very pleased with the end result


Kelly has her own bed now and sleeps in the kitchen sofa

wall papered (Large)

It opens out into a bed and is very traditional here in Sweden


On Sunday I made boats with Kelly and Emma, out of bits and piece we found laying around the cabin.  we then raced them on the lake.