Drilling and Northern lights

Last week a company came to drill for our geothermal heating.  They had to drill 24m down before they hit bed-rock and then they drilled 205m down into the bed-rock.


2x 230m long x 50mm diameter black plastic pipes were then fed down into the hole, and then connected into the house, where the circulation pump will be installed next week.

We have had some fantastic displays of Northern Light over the past week.

northern-light-8 northern-light-7 northern-light-6

On Thursday it was even visible before it got dark.

northern-light-3 northern-light-4

This is due to a very high KP index just now.  The kp number system is a scale of geomagnetic activity.  You can learn much more about the KP index by following this link http://www.aurora-service.eu/aurora-school/all-about-the-kp-index/.

There was also a full moon that coincided with this


Cloudy weather is forecast for the next 10 days so it is unlikely that I will get more pictures unfortunately.


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