Local wildlife

We have had about 50 Reindeer feeding in our garden for the past few days

reindeer-in-garden-nattavaara reindeer-in-garden-gellivare reindeer-in-garden-1and a Hawk Owl has been keeping an eye on them

hawk owl nattavaaraWe also have a Stoat visiting to eat the fat that we put out for the birds

stoat-1 stoat-2

I took the above pictures a couple of weeks ago, and now the Stoat has moulted to its white winter coat, but unfortunately I have not managed to get more pictures yet.

We also have a pair of Grey-headed Woodpeckers (Picus canus) visiting the garden, but they are so shy and flighty, that I have not been able to get a decent picture of them as yet. Here’s a picture from the internet

The geo-thermal heating is working very well, without and problems.  We are still waiting for a company to come and install a woodburning stove in the living room (it should have been completed in September).


2 thoughts on “Local wildlife

  1. Truly excellent. I adore Caribou/Reindeer. Sadly I have none in my area of Alaska unless I visit the refuge. I do get moose regulatory. Some come to my porch and I’m able to feed them by hand. I never offer but its clear they are use to it and come for it, so Im doing no damage.

    Thank you so very much for sharing this experience. Greetings from snowy, South Central Alaska.

    Ivarr Bergmann

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