Morakniv Adventure 2017

Unfortunately SEAT do not see condensation in an engine as an issue, and refused to do anything with my car.  Googling I see that many have had the same problem with the VW diesel engine that I have, so I’m sure this will not be the end of the problem!!

Some positive news is that I have just secured a place on the Morakniv (Mora Knife) Adventure 2017.

As I write this post and link to Mora’s site I see that the event is already fully booked!!

This is the programme for the event…

Day 1, Thursday May 18:
We start our adventure at the Morakniv factory with an exclusive factory tour that will take you on the path from steel to finished knife. Thereafter a transfer will take us to the Adventure Base Camp.

Day 2, Friday May 19:
Basic skill day! Join in on the workshops held by our ambassadors and take part of their great knowledge. Dave Canterbury will show and teach various bushcraft must-knows, Johan Skullman will teach you what you need to know to explore and survive in the outdoor, and together with Jögge Sundqvist and Beth Moen you get to learn the art of woodcarving.

Day 3, Saturday May 20:
Apply day! Time see if you picked up any useful information yesterday. This will be a day filled with surprises, so at the moment all we can say is that today will be adventurous, fun, and just awesome.

Day 4, Sunday May 21:
Sunday will end with a common camp breakfast before we pack up our gear and close the camp. Busses will be departing back to the original pick-up locations approximately 10:30



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