Thermarest LuxuryLite UltraLite Cot review

I have been experimenting with different set-ups for my new “Thermarest LuxuryLite UltraLite Cot”.  The instructions that are included show two alternative set-ups; the first is a lightweight set-up for people up to 79kgs and the second is a standard set-up for people up to 127kgs.

thermarest-cot-set-upI weigh 85kgs and found with the lightweight set-up, that I was laying on the poles underneath the bed.  The bed was under so much tension in the standard set-up, that it was uncomfortable for me to lay on, so as per the instructions on the Cascade Designs website;

Customize your cot to your needs

You will notice there are more pole holes than there are poles in your LuxuryLite®

Cot. This design allows you to place a single bow, a double bow or no

bow in select holes as needed to customize your cot. For the lightest possible configuration for your needs, start with the four required single poles, then

add poles where you feel you need the added support. LuxuryLite Cots provide the most adjustability of any cot

I decided to customise the set-up for my needs.  This is the end result (head at the top and feet at the bottom);


Note that I have used a “double twist bow” at the foot end to give sufficient support.

I have found that my Mountain Hardware combination open and closed cell sleeping mat

mountain-hardware-mattis more comfortable that an inflatable mattress


Last night was the first night I have slept on the cot and I was pleased to find it really comfortable……HOWEVER, when I dismantled the cot, I discovered that one of the poles is already bent out of shape, which is really disappointing considering the amount of money you pay for this item.

thermarest-cot-bent-poleI have today emailed the distributor here in Sweden, to ask if this is a common occurrence and will post their reply here when I receive it.

Granitbiten the distributor has replied to say that if I return the damaged pole, they will send a replacement.  


2 thoughts on “Thermarest LuxuryLite UltraLite Cot review

  1. Dera Kevin,
    I am a basket weaver and am beginning to use willow as my primary material. I was reading your blog entry from 7/3/2009 and I covet the tool Peter Carter used to plane down willow strips! Is there any way I can purchase one? I live in the USA.
    Ps. Loved your entry on making the willow basket.

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