Hope everyone has an enjoyable Christmas……we certainly did.

It is one year since I slipped a disc in my again, and at the time I thought I would not be able to get out and about in the forest during winter again, but that is fortunately not the case.

I do not feel secure enough on skis, so I am now using snow-shoes.


I have only been on a couple of short walks around where we live, but I have already discovered some old buildings that I did not know existed (I wonder who used to live there?).


As of the 31st December I am unemployed again, as my three month job as project leader has finished.   I have applied for several jobs, but have been unsuccessful.  Everyone one wants you to have qualifications, and because I chose to leave school at sixteen and begin work in the field of nature conservation, I do not have a degree or such.

I am considering starting up my business again and running 5 day  wilderness courses at my cabin, so that people can have the same experience as I had when I first came to Lapland.



3 thoughts on “Snow-shoeing

  1. I will be very interested the follow a course with you.

    Good luck with your search for a new job!

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