A bad start to the year

Last week I wrote that I was starting to get out and about again, then I got the flu (the whole family have had it) and now I have a lung infection, so i cannot do anything at the moment!!

I thought I would put up a video that we made over Christmas, which demonstrates what happens to boiling water when you throw it up in the air at -33 degrees!



4 thoughts on “A bad start to the year

  1. Happy New Year! Ha ha its good to see the boilng water. When I worked in the Alps 40 years ago (!) as a chalet girl, we had basement rooms, we washed our hair downstairs and had to run up an outside staircase and along a balcony, as we did so we shook our heads and for a few secobds as we went into the flats above we looked like wild Medusae with our frozen hair hard and sticking out in curls from our heads! Dangerous of course as it could have broken off, but it was our party piece at the time….pneumonia awaited!

  2. Great shots. It doesn’t get that cold down here. If you are on face book look me up. Charles Finney

  3. Hey. I wrote you about the doctor that treat back pain with ozone injections with great succes. Here’s his link: http://www.med-ozon.ro (or maybe http://www.ozon-med.ro; try both, I don’t remember the right order). If needed, I can translate in English, but if you email him directly (dr. Genes), he’ll answer in English. Mention you know his contact info from Cristian Ritt, the son in law of his patient , Dumitrascu Angela. Dr. Genes might clarify for your particular case(email him the x-ray pics) what the ozone can do for your pain. Good luck !

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