and so it continues!!!

Still not recovered from my lung infection.  At the end of last week the family had a diarrhoea and sickness bug and I thought I had been lucky enough to miss it, but on Monday evening it started.  I was so ill that I ended up passing out on the bathroom floor!!  One of the issues with living in a remote place is that doctors will not come out and when we asked for an ambulance, we we told that “there are so few ambulances in Gällivare at there is little chance that you will get one”.  The recommendation was to ring for a taxi!!  There is no taxi driver that would have been willing to have me in their car in the state I was in!!

So I had to lay in the bathroom for 7 hours until I eventually stopped being sick.

On a positive note, I did manage to go to a job interview at Gällivare Tourist Center last week, and on the 1st February I begin a three month trial working there.

And Teres has made me a pair on Reindeer skin slippers, which are very warm and comfortable




4 thoughts on “and so it continues!!!

  1. So sorry that you are not well. We have the same problem in the remote Pyrenees here with ambulances, etc. but we have taxi/ambulances that are used by the doctors and hospitals. My husband has recently been diagnosed with Acute Leukemia and we have been making constant 100km round trips to the hospital, but as it is cancer everything is funded by France. Living in idyllic, wild places is all very well, but when you need to organise doctors, nurses, taxis, deliveries etc, these things can add an additional strain on the otherwise quiet, off grid lifestyle we chose 20 years ago. I am sure we, and your family will get through these temporary health problems to be able to enjoy the emerging spring and migrating birds as always.

  2. Hello Kevin,
    Wish you luck with your healthproblems. I feel almost guilty living here in Amsterdam were the ambulance is quite near and sometimes even helicopters land on the little square near my house. (near the river IJ)
    But I think were you live you must know survival skills, be your own doctor and have a tough health.
    I am a swimmer and when I in winter swim in the cold river (just bathing suit) people think I am crazy. I just see it as the only way I can feel in touch with nature amidst this beautiful but stony biosphere and stay healthy.
    I wonder isn’t there a ‘flying doctor organisation’ were you live. Because most people live remote were you live..
    I love to read your posts and know all about living in Lapland.
    Wish you a very good 2017 with good health!!!
    Hartelijke groet,

    • Hi Ingrid and thanks for your comment. Unfortunately there is no flying doctor service here.

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