Gällivare Tourist Center

Last Wednesday I began working at Gällivare Tourist Center.  The center is located in the old station house, which is great because I can get on the train here in Nattavaara and only have a few metres to walk when I arrive in Gällivare.


At the moment I am working with a programme called Adobe “In Design” to produce both new winter and summer brochures for 2018.  I have never used this software before, so it is taking time to teach myself what to do.

We are aiming to get over 3000 Likes on our Facebook Page this week, so if you have the time, please go to our page and Like us!!


On Saturday the whole family visited Jokkmokks Marknad.  The market is get smaller and smaller each year, which is a real shame, but there were still many people there.


Here is an early morning view from Messaure Dam, which we drive over on the way to Jokkmokk.


I have some new equipment to write about next week


2 thoughts on “Gällivare Tourist Center

  1. Keep your back in one piece Kevin
    Linda.com and YouTube for InDesign tutorials – good luck with it

  2. p.s. Facebook has the best demographic targeting on the web and also moderately priced campaigns

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