My “Harlton hacienda”

I learnt a lot about Mors Kochanski’s invension “The Super Shelter” when I was on his winter survival course in 2006.


There is a lot of work that goes into its construction, and so one of Mors’ understudies (Kelly Harlton) devised a simplified version, that can easily be carried and set-up.  How the shelter works is explained in the video

I have now made a Harlton  Hacienda which I can use in conjunction with my Thermarest Ultralite cot.

To make mine I have  used;

  • a piece of Mylar Survival Blanket
  • my new silnylon tarp which I made
  • 0.6mm thick plastic sheeting (2x – 2m x 5m which I have taped together.harlton-hacienda

I used Aluminium tape around the edge of the Mylar survival blanket to help give it strength, as they tear so easily.

I could only buy plastic in a 2m width, so I have to use a special tape to tape together two sheets of 5m x 2m sheets to give me a sheet that was 5m x 4m (5m x 5m would be even better).

This is how it looks once up.


and with my cot inside


Here is a view from the side, which shows that a fire should be made one pace away from the front of the shelter.


The outer temperature and the amount of equipment you have with you, dictates the size of fire required.  So if you have a sleeping bag with you, you might only use a small fire to add a little extra heat inside, but if you have no sleeping bag you would require a long-log fire which will generate much heat.


The shelter packs down small and weighs about 1.2kgs.



6 thoughts on “My “Harlton hacienda”

  1. That sure looks like a great covering for the cold. Sure appreciate hearing from you and what you are doing.
    Charles Finney

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