Arctic Balloon Festival

Last weekend was the Arctic Balloon Festival here in Gällivare, with crews from all over Europe attending.

arctic-balloon festival 2017-5

There were also other activities and there were many people there.

arctic-balloon festival 2017-3

On Saturday night I set up my “Harlton Hacienda” again (it takes less than 5 minutes to put up).  I dug down through the snow to reach ground and made a large fire in front

harlton supershelter

For the first one and a half hours it was 26 degrees C in there.  This is the  view from inside, looking through the plastic.

inside supershelter

At some point I fell asleep, but awoke later feeling cold, because the fire had burnt down (the outside temperature was -23).  I put more wood on the fire, but just could not get the fire to burn again.  I then realised that as the snow around my hole had melted, the hole had filled with water and it would be impossible to remake the fire.  So in the end I had to give up and head to the house.  You live and learn!!

On Sunday I made the first batch of minced meat sausage.  This time I have used Moose meat, mixed with beef and garlic.

moose sausage-1

The sausages have to hang to dry now for three weeks.

moose sausage-2

This is what the end product will look like.

dried moose sausage


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