Gällivare Winter Marknad

Last weekend it was Gällivare Marknad.  A chance to buy such items as dried meat, skins, bread and much more.

It was really nice weather on Sunday, so we had a BBQ.  I used the opportunity to try my Biolite Campstove with pellets. I weighed out 1kg pellets, and wanted to test how long they would last.

biolite campstove pellets

1kg pellets gave 2 hours cooking time and a litre of water boiled in three and a half minutes (just as fast as burning wood).  The pellets however were much more difficult to ignite.

Once a hand full of pellets had burned down, I found that if you added another hand full with the Biolite fan on low, it created a really effective emergency smoke signal

biolite campstove smoke signal

If the fan was switched to high, the pellets would then ignite again.

I know that Spring has finally arrived here in Lapland because yesterday I saw 11 Snow Buntings where I work.  The arrival of the first Snow Buntings is always the first sign of spring for me.

snow bunting-1 (Large)


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