Doug Seegers

Last Thursday evening I went to see a country and western singer called “Doug Seegers in concert.

doug seegers kevin-warrington

I had never heard of Doug before and it was interesting to hear about his rise to fame.  He had been an alcoholic, living on the streets, when a Swedish music artist heard him playing music during the filming of her TV series.  Doug had written the song himself and she was so impressed, that they recoded the song together and it went to number 1 in the Swedish i-Tune charts.  This was the launch of his career and he is so grateful to the Swedish people, that he comes from Nashville each year to tour around Sweden.

You  can find more about him by searching on YouTube.

On Saturday evening I went out snow-shoeing in the forest to listen for owls calling.  I did not hear anything, but found a lot of tracks and feeding sign from Arctic Hares.

arctic hare tracks-1arctic hare tracks-2

Monday and Tuesday I was driving around the county with Dutch tour operators, showing them hotels and activity companies that their tourists might be interested to visit.

On Tuesday we were in the mountains and visited my friend Per-eric, who showed them his reindeer, joiked for them and talked about Sami culture.

kevin-warrington tourist guide lapland

Later in the day we visited a Sami Camp, where they spent the night.



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