A new addition to the family 

On Saturday I bought a new snowmobile because we had so much trouble with the old one. 

The new snowmobile is a Lynx Yeti 550 wide-track

To test the new snowmobile I drove to the cabin to check that everything was OK. 

The girls are very pleased that we have a new snowmobile 

Even my dad wanted to have a ride. 

Spring is very late this year.   It has been very cold and the snow is melting very slowly.   We even had another 10cms of snow fall on Sunday. 

We have up to 9 Hares feeding in the garden every evening at the moment. 


One thought on “A new addition to the family 

  1. You guys have the weather for a snow mobile. Down here we get very litttle snow and when we do get it if you have a snowmobile you have to go out into the country to ride it. For me I will stick with my 86 Corvette coupe. Can use that about 8 months out of a year.
    Good luck with the new one.

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