Morakniv Adventure Part 2

We arrived at the camp site at about 5pm on Thursday.  We set up our tents and shelters and at 7pm we headed to the catering tipi where our evening meal was served.

food is served

We spent the evening around the camp fire with music, song and laughs as we all got to know each other.

evening fun morakniv 2017

We awoke on Friday morning to bright sunshine.

morning morakniv adventure

I used my new Aqua Quest 4m X 3m guide tarp as a shelter.

aqua quest tarp tent

I slept on my Thermarest cot, with my NeoAir mattress and used my new Alpkit Pipedream 400 down bag to sleep in.  you can see in the picture below that I used my camera mono-pod as the centre pole.

inside my shelter morakniv

After breakfast, we were divided into groups to attend a variety of workshops.  My groups first workshop was with Johan Skullman,

johan skullman morakniv

who demonstrated what to pack for a few days hiking, and how to pack your rucksack.

johan skullman mora adventure

After Johan’s workshop, we moved to Beth Moen and Jögge Sundqvist for a carving workshop.

beth and jögge

More about that and much more next time!!

Morakniv Adventure 2017 Part 1

Our adventure began at the Morakniv production factory at 13:00 on Thursday, where we were given an introductory presentation about;

morakniv adventure introduction


Day 1, Thursday May 18:
We started our adventure at the Morakniv factory with an exclusive factory tour that took us on a path from steel to the finished knife. Unfortunately we were not able to take any pictures of the production process, but it was an amazing sight to see roles of different grades of steel being transferred into thousands of Mora knives.  A lot of the production process is now done by robots, but there is also a lot of work done by people.

Here is a colourful selection of pictures of the products we saw being made and tested;

At the end of the tour we were all given bags containing a number of free items; an Eldris neck knife kit (including a firesteel, A Bushcraft Black knife, a Woodcarving 106 knife, a Wildo Camp-a-box eating utensils set, a Pathfinder Bushpot cooking set and a chopping board and plasters also from Morakniv.

Thereafter we were transferred by bus to the Adventure Base Camp.  The rest of the day was spent setting up camp, eating and socialising.

Day 2, Friday May 19:
Basic skill day! We joined a variety of workshops held by Morakniv ambassadors; Dave Canterbury, Johan Skullman, Jögge Sundqvist and Beth Moen (more about them soon).

Day 3, Saturday May 20:
a 16 kilometre hike to a variety of check points to put in to practise the skills we had learnt/practised the previous day.

Day 4, Sunday May 21:
Sunday morning we packed our gear, ate and then departed by bus to the new Morakniv
Concept Store.  After that, everyone left.

the concept store


We were 60 participants from 11 different countries.

Our ambassadors were;

Dave Canterbury – Canterbury is the owner and one of the instructors at the Pathfinder School in south-east Ohio. Dave teaches survival and bushcraft techniques, promoting what he calls the “5 Cs of Survivability”: a cutting tool, a combustion device, cover, a container, and cordage.

dave canterbury introduction

Beth Moen – Beth has been carving and teaching for over 35 years and produces such items as bowls (some are very large), spoons & cups and wooden furniture.

beth moen

Jögge (Surolle) Sundqvist – he is a woodworking and carving artist.  He runs wood carving courses and has written books, one of which “Slöjda i trä” is being published in English later this year.

jögge sundqvist

Johan Skullman – Johan is a survival expert having spent 30 years in the Swedish military where he worked on testing, designing and developing clothing and equipment for soldiers.  He left the military and now works with outdoor product design and development for such companies as Fjällraven.

johan skullman


Knife production began in the Mora area 350 – 400 years ago.

1891 – Frost knives began making knives

1912 – KJ Eriksson began making knives

1988 – 2005 – 1988 KJ Eriksson acquired Frost knives and the two companies worked together  producing knives.

2005 – The company “Mora of Sweden” was created.

2009 – Morakniv became a registered trademark.

2016 – The company “Mora of Sweden” changed its name to “Morakniv”.

3,5 million knives are produced each year and there are over 400 different models.

15 3rd and 4th generation family members own the company and are all descendants of Krång-Johan Eriksson (KJ Eriksson). Thanks to Thomas Eriksson for providing me with this information. 

Their vision is to produce 5 million knives and the production process to take only one week from steel to knife.

The companies values are; Professionalism, Consideration and Courage.

I will be writing more soon!!!!


Hobo fishing kit 

I’ve been reading and watching films about hobo fishing kits, so when I saw that a friend was throwing away a salt and pepper mill set, I immediately thought of another use for the pepper mill.

With a little bit of filing and sanding I was happy with the shape.

The centre of the mill was already hollowed out

To hold my fishing kit 

And I have two different strengths of line loaded on the reel. 

As all water is still covered with ice, will have to watch YouTube to see how to use one. 

I will not be posting for a couple of weeks as next week I am on the Mora Knife Adventure. 

Full-time job 

After a three month trial working at Gällivare tourist centre I start full-time employment today doing the same job. 

My work includes IT support, producing brochures & posters, working in the tourist office and guide to travel companies visiting the area. 

1965 was the last time there was so much snow in May.  Over the weekend another 12cms of snow has fallen. 

The night time temperatures still drop below freezing and even during the day it is only 3 or 4 degrees above freezing. 

Many bird species that have usually arrived by now, I have not seen.