Morakniv Adventure Part 2

We arrived at the camp site at about 5pm on Thursday.  We set up our tents and shelters and at 7pm we headed to the catering tipi where our evening meal was served.

food is served

We spent the evening around the camp fire with music, song and laughs as we all got to know each other.

evening fun morakniv 2017

We awoke on Friday morning to bright sunshine.

morning morakniv adventure

I used my new Aqua Quest 4m X 3m guide tarp as a shelter.

aqua quest tarp tent

I slept on my Thermarest cot, with my NeoAir mattress and used my new Alpkit Pipedream 400 down bag to sleep in.  you can see in the picture below that I used my camera mono-pod as the centre pole.

inside my shelter morakniv

After breakfast, we were divided into groups to attend a variety of workshops.  My groups first workshop was with Johan Skullman,

johan skullman morakniv

who demonstrated what to pack for a few days hiking, and how to pack your rucksack.

johan skullman mora adventure

After Johan’s workshop, we moved to Beth Moen and Jögge Sundqvist for a carving workshop.

beth and jögge

More about that and much more next time!!


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