Morakniv Adventure Part 4

The evening began with a fire-lighting competition.  Each contestant gathered materials for a fire and then when the clock started, you had to start a fire with a firesteel and burn through a piece of string as quickly as you can.

dave canterbury fire lighting competition

After the fire-lighting there was a different competition but unfortunately I have forgotten the name for this one.  Two people hold a piece of wood and stand either side of a line.  The idea is to get your opponent off balance so that they cross over the line, or they let go of the piece of wood.  Johan from Nordic Bushcraft, was very good at this and won the competition.

dave and johan

Jögge Sundqvist has a alter-ego who he calls “Surolle”.  He put on a show for us in one of the tipi’s

watching sorelle

During the show he carves to rock and pop music, with a slideshow running in the background

jögge sundqvist surolle

with a little help from Dave Canterbury he made a shrink pot drinking cup

jögge and dave

The remainder of the evening was spent around the camp-fire, with beer, whisky and some good laughs.

On Saturday we were all up early to prepare for a 16km hike, but more about that in my final post tomorrow.

preparing for hike


2 thoughts on “Morakniv Adventure Part 4

  1. It looks like you have a fun filled life. These are things I can only dream about. Have any more info on your carvings.
    Charles Finney

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