Morakniv Adventure Part 5

On Saturday morning we were divided into groups, and each group given a map.  We had to navigate to five different locations, covering a distance of 16kms, and at each location we had to do or make something for one hour.

morakniv hike

Our first activity was with Beth and using Birch bark and soaked Birch roots

birch roots

we had to make sheaths for our knives.

beth workshop bark sheath

Here are the sheaths that our group made.

our bark sheaths

At our next location we met Thomas Eriksson one of the directors at Morakniv and we had to again build a fire and burn through a string in the fastest time possible.

My time was 1 minute and 31 seconds, but unfortunately Johan Forsberg beat me with a time of 1 minute and 22 seconds.

morakniv firelighting competition

At our next location we met with Johan Skullman.  Here we had to navigate in the forest with  first with a compass and then with a Swedish compass; a long straight pole used to maintain a bearing.

johan skulleman swedish compass

Then he demonstrated how to correctly use a Primus multifuel Expedition stove.  After the demonstration, we had to boil 1 litre of water and be timed doing it.

boiling water morakniv

Our final task with Johan was to build and cast with, a hobo fishing kit.

johan skullman hobo fishing

After a short walk, we had a lunch break.  We were all provided with a pack of “Real Turmat” freeze dried food and had to boil water to mix with it.

morakniv lunch break

After lunch, we hiked to Jögge, who gave a demonstration on how to sharpen our knives

jögge knife sharpening

Our final activity was with Dave Canterbury, where we had to make two different types of fish trap-lines.

dave making fish trapping lines

fish trap trigger

After this, we hiked back to camp for our evening meal.  The atmosphere was much quieter than usual as we knew that to next morning the event would be over and we would be heading home.

I would like to thank all those at Morkniv who organised this event and made us feel welcomed and their and their ambassadors.


3 thoughts on “Morakniv Adventure Part 5

  1. That sure looks like a great out door adventure. Lots of good clean air and exercise. Better then sitting in front of a tv set.

  2. Hi! I wold like to partecipate on Marakniv Adventure 2018. But my english is not perfect. Do you think good english is a primary issue? Thanks!

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