First weekend at the cabin 2017

On Saturday it was Teres’ 40th birthday party

teres birthday

but on Sunday morning we were up early to drive to the cabin.  Monday we were both not working  and on Tuesday (today) it was a bank holiday, so we would have a long weekend.

cabin may 2017

The girls immediately began searching for worms so that they could go fishing

digging for worms

They did not catch any fish, but they did manage to make fire with a firesteel and we then grilled sausage over the fire

girls making fire

After eating so much sausage, Kelly needed to rest.

kelly relaxing

There were many wading birds displaying at the cabin including Wood Sandpipers

wood sandpiper warrington

and on Monday there were even not one

red-necked phalarope-1 (652 x 486)

not two

red-necked phalarope warrington (932 x 664)

but three Red-necked Phalaropes swimming around on the lake, catching insects.

red-necked phalarope lapland (1320 x 990)

I found an old tent canvas at the cabin which I suspended under a fallen Birch tree

canvas tent suspended

which the girls loved playing in.

canvas tent

I also made a new knife while I was at the cabin

making knife

using moose horn, leather and Sallow root bur.

I also had time to make a sheath for it.

making sheath

It’s so nice to be able to get back to the cabin again!



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