A bbq and trapdoor

I was given an old cable drum last year and I have now made it into a bbq, using a steel bowl to hold the fire in.

cable drum bbq

It is at just the right working height and I am very pleased with the way it works.

cabledrum bbq kevin warrington

Last weekend I had to make a new access point to be able to gain access under the house.  I began by cutting a hole in the veranda floor.


and then joined the pieces of wood together to make a trapdoor.  I had to dig under the veranda floor and then under the house foundation



I have placed a fibre-glass sheet in front of the hole until we need access, to prevent mice getting under the house.


I’m afraid I do not have anything else to report this week.  Hopefully I will have more to write about next time.


One thought on “A bbq and trapdoor

  1. years ago I used the same spool for a picnic table. Great idea for you fire pit. Charlie/……………….

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