Work, work, work….

I am working 10 days in a row now.  Some days I leave the house at 07:30 and get home at 20:15 and some days I leave at 11:00 and get home at 22:00.

I moved here thinking that I would work less and spend more time at my cabin and doing things that I enjoy, but the reality is that I have to work more and have less time to spend at my cabin than I did when I lived in England and this summer I have not not been fishing at all.

I did visit the LKAB underground mine with my job last week.  I travelled with some tourists who were on our mine tour.  The mine produces Iron Ore of a very high quality.


The weather changed during last weekend from warm and sunny to cold and wet.  The forecast for tomorrow is only 5 degrees and rain again.

It is a very strange summer.  We have very few insect eating birds here this year, and quite a lot of those that did arrive, are leaving because there are no insects (almost no mosquitoes this year).  In the mountains, some paths that would have been open at least three weeks ago, are still blocked by snow.

I am not working Saturday, Sunday and Monday, so hopefully I will have some things to write about next time.

Here is the view from my back garden last week.






One thought on “Work, work, work….

  1. Ouch!. Sad to hear of all of your working hours, and the cold summer.
    Not many vegetables this year I’m guessing.
    Plus, not much time to fish and enjoy the family.
    I’m hoping that your good health holds up.
    Bill B.

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