A new construction project

Each spring we clear away the snow from the end of the house, so that we can sit out and enjoy the spring sunshine.


I have now built a new veranda at the side of the house for us to sit on.  Using stones and blocks I first built and levelled in the foundations.

Then I screwed on the decking

and finally I built some steps to get onto the garden.

steps swedish lapland

During the last week or so there have been quite a lot of mosquitoes, but during the rest of the spring and summer we have not had any.  Unfortunately, this emergence has come to late for the insect eating birds.  There were very few insect eating birds that arrived here this year, due to the very late snow melt, and those that did, do not seem to have reared young.

It has been predicted by scientists that due to climate change, insect eating birds will disappear from this area over the next ten to fifteen years, due to lack of food!


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