Bushcraft Festivalen 2017 Part 1

I arrived at the festival on Friday, with my friend Louise.

We would be working at the festival and in return we did not have to pay for food and accommodation over the weekend.

As soon as we arrived, there was working to be done. Our first job was to help put up the information tent.

After lunch, we set up our accommodation for the weekend. Louise had bought a new tent

and I slept under a tarp

Our next job after that, was to help cook chilli for 70 people for the evening meal.

More about that soon!

An evening out

I am working 12 days without a break at the moment but did manage to get an evening out with Kelly last Saturday.

I taught her about plants to use from the forest for medicine and we picked Blueberries and threaded on to grass stems

We also spent some time along the edge of a stream, but there were so many mosquitos that we had to make a smudge fire to help keep them away.

This weekend I will be working at the Swedish Bushcraft festival, so I will be writing about that next time.

Preparing for the winter.

Preparations are underway for winter already (the first snow fell in the mountains last week).

There is dew on the grass in the mornings, the leaves are changing colour and it’s getting cold and dark at night.

Some of the facia boards on the house are rotten which can allow snow to blow in under the roof,

so today I have been painting new boards to replace them with.


Last Friday we went to the cabin (I work from 15:00 – 23:15 just now) so that Teres could pick Cloudberries and I could spend some time with Kelly. While Teres was picking Cloudberries, we went fishing, collected Blueberries

and made fire and grilled sausage.

On Sunday we all went out picking Cloudberries close to our house. I have never seen so many Cloudberries as there are this year!

Not quite what was planned

Saturday, Sunday and Monday I did not have to work, so I have planned a fishing trip to the mountains with my friend Tommy,  Unfortunately, he damaged the propeller on his boat engine last week so the trip was cancelled.

Instead I have been to Messaure with my family, fishing the Lule River.

kelly messaure

With my first cast I caught a trout, but it unfortunately got off the hook just before I could get it out of the water.  I did not get any more bites at that location.  My mother-in-law however, did catch a nice 1kg trout.

After we had been fishing for three hours, the electric generating company, decided to open the dam further up stream and the current became very strong and the water rose over 1 metre very quickly, so we decided to move to a new location above the dam.

Emma wanted to try fishing with flies she had tied herself, and it did not take long before she caught her first Grayling.

emma fly fishing

It was also a chance for me to test my hobo fishing kit.

hobo fishing kit

They were only small fish that I caught, but better than nothing!!